Identity Fraud, Inc. is one of the original pioneers in the data theft risk management, cyber and identity insurance space dating back to the mid 1990’s. Identity Fraud, Inc. was founded to provide both classic and innovative risk management solutions to identity crimes. Education, prevention, remediation, incident response and insurance are each required to maintain effective defenses and remedies against frauds and cybercrimes.

Identity Fraud Inc. has maintained best-in-class solutions by leveraging their risk management experience and by maintaining expertise in insurance for “cyber” and identity fraud risks.

Identity Fraud, Inc. continues to work with leading technologists, insurers and credit-related companies to develop, promote, and provide comprehensive solutions to the perils surrounding identity fraud and cybercrime.

As a licensed program administrator and insurance intermediary in all 50 states, Identity Fraud Inc. has built a legal framework and platform infrastructure that leverages its expertise and allows its clients to optimize their own risk management and marketing objectives.