Need help responding to a data breach?

Identity Fraud, Inc. provides Incident Response On-Demand™ and understands the importance of mitigating exposures and liabilities inherent with information theft. Our incident response services provide meaningful and effective loss control following unauthorized access or loss of sensitive customer or employee information. With an enhanced public focus on privacy and security, every organization needs to protect its customers, protect its brand, and secure its position by complying with legislation. 

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Gain customer trust and loyalty while reducing organizational liability

Identity Fraud, Inc. can assist organizations with their pre-incident response planning needs. Planning may be comprehensive or simple depending on the relative complexity of organizational needs, the environment, and vulnerabilities. Proper planning can help prevent a bad situation from turning catastrophic and in many cases is mandated by law. Since 1999, we’ve been saying, “It’s not a matter of if you will experience a data breach, but when”.  We encourage you to be prepared.


Give customers greater peace of mind and protection

Following a data breach incident or perceived incident, Identity Fraud, Inc. provides immediate access to our Elite Response team of experts to assess and contain the loss, preserve evidence, and support continuity. Experienced in data forensics, investigators are able to support law enforcement and pursue independent investigations.

In nearly all cases following a breach and initial investigation, there are legal notification requirements and justification for delivering consumer remedies and safeguards to reduce loss of loyalty and trust. Secure, comprehensive and compliant notification services are delivered on an optional basis depending on pre-loss objectives and incident circumstances. Services may include:

  • Development of legal notification programs
  • Management of direct mail/e-Mail response programs
  • Developing and executing call center victim response programs
  • Creating and executing PR campaigns leveraging television/radio advertising, press materials & traditional and social media outreach
  • Development of print advertising, posters & other materials
  • Web-Site Design & Maintenance
  • Language Translations

Whether you have a data breach involving five customers or 5 million, let Identity Fraud, Inc. help you respond. (Our solutions can be integrated in as little as 24 hours).

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