Identity Fraud, Inc. develops partnerships at the Affiliate, Alliance, and Strategic levels. Our partnership programs support identity fraud solutions and can include a variety of organizations that work to bring advocacy, brokerage, education, legal, technology, or other valued risk management products, services, or marketing channels to deliver solutions.

Affiliate Program

The Identity Fraud Affiliate Program is designed for companies that wish to promote identity fraud solutions from their own websites. For information on our Affiliate Program, please contact our business development group at

Alliance Program

The Identity Fraud Alliance Program includes organizations interested in a branding and product or service relationship with Identity Fraud, Inc. with an agreement that includes product co-marketing efforts. For information on becoming an Alliance Partner, please contact our business development group at

Strategic Partners

Identity Fraud, Inc. Strategic Partners are created with individuals and/or organizations interested in identity fraud-related product development, business development, investment, and/or tailored arrangements not covered under the Affiliate or Alliance programs. For a discussion on Strategic Partner opportunities, please contact our business development group at